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Because I do not have a Mac capable of running the upcoming MacOS Monterey, I am removing my app CurrentKey Stats from the Mac app store

I have a Mac app, CurrentKey Stats, in the App Store. It has been a free app since the beginning. When it launched it had IAP purchases, but around mid-2020 I made the app fully free, and I know that thousands of people have gotten use out of it! The project represented many milestones for me — my first $100+ made from an app, 80+ ratings with a 4.6 star avg across all regions and, in the US, a 4.8 star average across 40 ratings.

All of that said: I am shelving the app for now. As of this year’s WWDC, I am unable to run the latest macOS version on my current Mac (a mid-2014 15″ MBP). As more people begin using macOS Monterey, there are more support tickets I cannot troubleshoot, and it really pains me to see that – but I’m not ready to upgrade my Mac yet, the hardware is fine.

Everyone who has already downloaded the app – please keep enjoying it. For now, I am pausing its availability for new users, and I will reassess when I have a Mac that can run Monterey.

  • Spencer