CurrentKey Stats

With CurrentKey Stats v1.6, new power-user features get added, like jumping directly to Rooms with custom hotkeys ⬅️ 🖥 ⌥ ⌨️ ➡️

One of the most-requested features from CurrentKey Stats’ biggest fans (and earliest beta testers) has been: the ability to use hotkeys to jump to *specific* Rooms on your Mac (which are assigned to Spaces/virtual desktops). While users have been able to do this via the dropdown, with version 1.6, CurrentKey Stats gets a new “Rooms Manager”, which lets you assign hotkeys to Rooms. (If you aren’t familiar with the app, here is the link to the App Store, and here is the link to its main site.)

It may surprise you, but Macs already let you assign hotkeys to Spaces, so I had to offer something significantly different (and hopefully better than) that system to make it worth it (to me and users). The way the Mac’s native hotkey-for-Spaces system works is: you can add a “Control” + Number for the first, second, third space, and so on. So, with Apple’s system, you can add a “Control + 2” hotkey for the second space. While that’s awesome, (CurrentKey lets you do the same), here is how CurrentKey Stats improves on that:

  1. CurrentKey Stats system is better with multiple screens. With Apple’s system: you can only switch to Spaces on primary screen. In other words, you can’t switch to Spaces on the external monitor, which is lacking. With CurrentKey: hotkeys are mapped to Rooms that are assigned to *specific* Spaces, and you can jump to a *specific* desktop on either screen/monitor, without messing up your other screens’ setup. 👍
  2. More shortcut customization: While Apple’s hotkey system only lets you map Spaces to the “Control + number” keys, CurrentKey Stats lets you map to hotkeys with “Command”, “Control”, “Option” modifier keys, and then A-Z plus numbers.
  3. MacOS has a setting (that some users prefer) that will rearrange Spaces (in Mission Control) based off their frequency of use. With that setting enabled, the CurrentKey Stats’ hotkeys will still take you to the precise Room you assigned them to. While Apple’s hotkeys will take you to a less reliably-known destination.

Other features in the new “Rooms Manager” are in response to feedback from power users, giving them: the ability to merge two Rooms’ stats into just one Room, the ability to delete Rooms, and more.

Thanks everyone, I hope you continue to enjoy the app!