product thoughts

Apple, Google, Twitter: your products are broken. Here are 3 simple ways to improve them to handle scams, threats, and disinformation

Google/YouTube: Make it possible for users on your platform to know if a YouTube video has been edited after it’s been posted. It’s insane that I can clip out chunks of a video and there is no record (as far is the public is concerned) of me having done so. Like, if you edit a comment on a site like Reddit or Hacker News, it gets an asterisk next to the username–just do this simple thing, and get even higher marks if you include a changelog of what’s been altered! It should also not just be for videos with a lot of (say, 100K+) views, it should apply to videos of all sizes. I think the fact you don’t just gives users one less reason to trust your platform. Right now, you get an F.

Apple: Let users receive calls as banner notifications. To quote my post from January that hit the front page on Reddit: “Right now, any robocall hacker in the world can instantly take over your phone’s screen, knocking you out of your mobile gaming experience, disrupting you as you check out at the store, or breaking your concentration as you try and type out an email.” It’s completely unnecessary and simple to fix: let us take calls as banner notifications. Thanks

Twitter: If the police flag tweets as being potentially criminal, you should have a way to hide them from public view while preserving them as evidence. Literally the most dangerous tweets on your platform stay public because you’re too inept to handle things appropriately. Stop doing that like 10 years ago.

Notes: For those that don’t believe the Google/Youtube thing, here’s the same video before and after being trimmed by 7 seconds. Just wow.

Why is this post not longer you might ask?

Because these are simple #%$&ing fixes that are common sense and should not have to be elaborated upon.

Also, because I’ve gotta get back to developing my Mac app, which is launching soon — keep an eye out for it!