In need of a consultant or developer?

Want to work together? I’d love to talk with your team.

I have experience (primarily in JavaScript and Swift) making: apps, Chrome (and Firefox) web extensions, web apps, command line tools and system scripts (via Python, Node.js, and even AppleScript).

I’ve been shipping projects since 2011 and have used a wide array of languages to do so. As well as several public projects, I’ve also worked on many private projects, client projects, and more. That led me to work with web scrapers, geospatial projects (that project data onto maps), and much more. In addition to JavaScript and Swift, I’ve also had time with Python, PHP, HTML/CSS, Go, and Ruby, interfaced with several web APIs and databases (postgresql, mangodb, maria/mysql). Frameworks I’ve worked with include WordPress, Django, AppKit/Cocoa — also JS-subset and compiled languages like Typescript and Coffeescript.

I’m at my best when I get to run with an idea, and I’m biased toward front end projects (web or mobile/desktop apps). My latest public project is CurrentKey Stats. The easiest way to get in touch would be sending an email to You can also find me on Twitter @SpencerDailey. Thank you for your consideration.