CurrentKey Stats

CurrentKey Stats 2.7 brings a couple big stats features and a nice option for custom icons

I’m looking forward to improving CurrentKey Stats on a frequent basis. This release mainly focuses on new stats features, doubling the timespan of backup-able stats to 60 days, and doubling the hour-by-hour view to 4 weeks. Now, you can also toggle your custom (Space/Room-specific) emoji between appearing dimmer and brighter. This software is 100% free and is maintained as a labor of love.

What’s new in Version 2.7:

  • Debuts the ability to dim or brighten custom icons when you choose a “custom character” (emoji) for a specific Room.
  • Debuts a new report letting you back up 2 months of hour-by-hour stats data. Twice the previous limit!
  • Debuts a “Show next two weeks” button in the 2-weeks hour-by-hour view. So now you can easily compare 4 weeks of stats side-by-side, in very granular detail. Twice what you could before!
  • Adds better formatting for the Room Explorer: Now the buttons to jump directly to a Room are larger, and the entire row is clickable too.
  • Fixes several small and quirky bugs. The welcome window is prettier.

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