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Removing CurrentKey Stats from the Mac App Store (Updated)

First off, current users can still use the app, and I will still push bug fixes if necessary. I do consider the app completed, feature-wise.

Developing this app was an amazing experience. I’m very glad I undertook making it. I use it every day along with around 3,000 users garnered through the App Store, where it ended with a 4.7 star rating.

It was not, however, a financially fruitful endeavor or that popular, and because of that – it’s no longer something I’m investing time in. I’m considering it sunsetted and have decided against gaining new users at this point, as doing so would be a disservice to them and myself.

Why again? Well, based on all I’ve seen- after eleven major feature pushes (over half requested from users) and endless (and shameless) self promotion — I’m confident this app could not become financially meaningful to me. It’s also not going to be a breakout success as an entirely free app: Even with all the premium features made free, only ~10 users were downloading it per day. Before pulling IAPs from the app, I had made about $100 in total from them.

It’s on me for that. On the other hand, writing Swift code was a joy, and I met a bunch of cool people in that community, in person, locally. And I like solving fun problems, and it was one (or a collection of many, rather)! So it was a success in pretty much every other way.

To the other app stats and room management apps out there, I do hope that someone can figure out the economics of an app like this. To Apple: I hope you add better Spaces support and improve ScreenTime for macOS while you’re at it (it’s not useful to non-parents). One of those is likely over time. I’d rather not have CurrentKey Stats sucking the oxygen out of the room for indie devs out there.

There was a spark that led to it being pulled, and that was the nearly-month-long hold-up on pushing a critical fix to the App Store. That finally ended, and Apple ended up being really nice to me. I don’t hold any grudges or anything, but that month was frustrating and gave me time to explore other problems worth solving and spending time on.

I’m putting this project into “maintenance mode” and want to limit its time-demands on me as I move onto writing other software. I’m specifically looking at a Golang project.

Thanks to all who have supported me and those that continue to enjoy CurrentKey Stats.

As for me, it’s on to the next thing.

Update: After this post, I got a number of emails to, imploring me to re-release it. As I am trying to wind down the project, I also want to help people – and find the right balance there. So what I did was tell them I’d make it available on a specific day, a sort of limited release. That worked pretty well. So, if you’d like this software, shoot an email to the above address, and I’ll let you know the next day on which it will be made available.