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Holidays as a creator

Entering into a vacation, I have learned it’s best for me to just let go of building anything hard.

As someone who stays in rigid routines the rest of the year, pulling out of the endless creative drive creates its own rare advantages. For one, it incentivizes working on easier things. These are often worthy pursuits! Take for example: last year I had about an hour of free time, and I decided to write a blog post — it turned out to be a great decision (one I probably wouldn’t have made if I could have spent all night coding) as it took off.

Next: it’s tired I know, but I think the concept of New Year’s resolutions is very healthy. Basically, the entire premise of making promises to oneself is underrated and can lead to the biggest life-fixes/wins. Spending some time away from projects gives one the space to think clearly about the big picture. I recommend exploring a personal framework for implementing the tough-to-hold promises, such as ones related to gaming habits.

Spending time with family and friends is of course important, but that doesn’t mean creators can automatically flip the “project persistence” switch and easily accept the limited freedom of vacations. Training creative energies on easier projects or ones with a group angle (think, building a board game) can be a good fit.

So, yes, vacations are tough for creators, but several years of this roller coaster has taught me the break from “sameness” should be taken advantage of, not despised. What are some of the approaches you have taken to the holidays?