iMessages should save your unfinished drafts.

You’ve spent the last several minutes typing out a long message to your mom on your iPhone, and you’re about to tap send…

…but then you get an iMessage notification from your best friend and tap that instead. After watching the funny cat video you try and find that long message you’d been typing out but… you can’t… The next 5 minutes are spent trying to remember what (and how) you typed in your original… and probably cursing Apple.

By design(!), iPhones forget messages their owners have lovingly crafted if they get interrupted, without a warning dialog. The “internet communication device” was one of the three pillars of Steve Jobs’ pitch for the original iPhone over a decade ago, how could this basic feature still be lacking?

It would not have been surprising if Drafts had been announced in 2007.

Don’t get me wrong. I love iMessages, in fact it’s a top reason to own an iPhone: from its reliable read receipts to Bitmoji stickers via the iMessages app tray, to easily forwarding messages, to the pretty trustworthy encryption model. All of this just makes the complete lack of any Drafts capability more disappointing because iMessages is good enough that I use it every day.

Other communications apps like Slack and Facebook Messenger will either save your thoughts or at least warn you if you are about to lose your edits.

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